About Johan

food stylist, chef



My passion for food and my career in the culinary arts has been my driving force.  Taking me from the lush vineyards and orchards of Franschoek, South Africa to the culinary capital of London, via the abundance of Canada’s Pacific North West and the dynamic food culture of Ireland, my home.


During this time I have had the opportunity to adopt a range of approaches from Michel Roux's The Waterside Inn, I learned the rigour of a Michelin-starred kitchen.  In London's, The Ivy the classicism of a culinary stalwart.  Glowbal Restaurant Group taught me the demands of high-volume establishments.  But it was at Cafe Paradiso I honed my creativity to deliver an award-winning, outside-the-box eating experience in the underserved vegetarian sector.


As a food stylist I bring these skills to every assignment.  Whether it is interpreting the visual identity of new-to-market brands, or injecting freshness into the approach to long-established products, I understand both the scope and restrictions faced along this spectrum of clients, and can adjust my approach accordingly.


Highly personable, and calm under pressure, I am comfortable working with the widest range of people, from high-profile ‘celebrity chefs’ to brand managers and production personnel, encouraging a cohesive team environment to achieve the common goal.


As a behind-the-scenes facilitator, such as when working with Rachel Allen on her BBC television series Home Cooking, or assisting award-winning chef Denis Cotter on his numerous demonstrations, magazine shoots and television programs, my job is to enable them to take center stage. As the stylist on a product shoot, I act as a visual interpreter - sometimes to a very clear brief, other times helping the client to formulate and articulate their wish list.


I enjoy the challenge of delivering in these diverse working environments. Whether it is a person or a product, my approach in each circumstance is different, but my role is the same –

to let the talent shine.