Jameson Whiskey St Patricks day

The Image above was shot for Jameson Whiskey by The Public house agency and Vancouver photographer Philip Jarmain . Shot on Location in Dublin Ireland . I did the drink styling for this image that is running with Jameson ginger and lime promotion for St Patricks day. This image shot by Dublin based food photographer Adrain Steward has appeared around the world promoting Jameson Whiskey ginger and lime. I have spotted it on coasters bill boards, busses and bus stops #Drinkstyling #JamesonWhiskey #StPatricksday #Ireland

Love Irish Food

I did the food styling for with Love Irish food and photographer Trevor Hart, show casing some of Ireland most beloved foods , McCambridge stone ground wholewheat bread, golden Irish free range eggs Corn fed and Kilmore Quay Oak smoked salmon that featured In the Irish Times just before St Patricks day #IrishTimes #Foodstyling #FoodStylist #StPatricksday

Is the food in those perfectly sculpted ads fake? We asked an expert

WHEN PEOPLE LEARN about Johan van der Merwe’s trade, they often ask whether those perfectly-sculpted dishes in the ads and magazines are a little too good to be true. “The first thing people wonder is if they’re fake … and in most cases they’re not,” he said. Van der Merwe is one of only around half a dozen professional food stylists in Ireland whose jobs are to make people salivate over succulent meats, fresh salads or decadent desserts. “In the past, you didn’t have Photoshop so everything had to be perfect and aspirational - food didn’t even look real back then,” he told “There would have been moulds made and in order to get a chicken looking plump you needed to dye it with